Content addressible backup

Rdump is a basic content-addressable backup system, vaguely inspired by git. It has a fairly long history of multiple implementation in various languages. Because it is a reasonably complex project, it is a good way of exercising the practicality of various programming languages and environments.

Because of the usefulness of bup, rdump has become more about learning and using rust than it has about actually backing my files up. The latest 'odump' implementation in Ocaml is reasonably mature, and works fairly well, even with some significant missing features (notably extended attributes).

The backup store is stored in Content Addressable Storage, also known as CAS.

This website

I have recently migrated rdump into the Fossil SCM system. Fossil is a distributed SCM, similar in some ways to git. It has a couple of advantages I make use of for rdump development.

There are also some philosophical differences from how git works.

It is taking some work to get used to the more central model, but already I'm finding the branching and integration model useful.