After Effects and Nuke

I have been paying for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for around a year now. In order to help justify this expense, I’ve given myself a goal to learn the other programs in the suite that I don’t yet use (I primarily use Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat). I started with Premiere. Coming from Final Cut (before the “X” version which seems to have turned it into a toy), the user interface initially felt very different.

First Animation

After going through a bunch of tutorials for the various Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, I have made my first animation. I drew the clock in Illustrator (which I’ve known for many years, at least 30), with each hand on a separate layer. This took about 20 minutes. Then, I animated the hands using After Effects. This took maybe another 20 minutes. Then, I brought that animation into Premiere Pro and made a sequence that repeated for 2 minutes.