Serving Fossil

This post is going to be a bit technical, as I will describe in some detail the final setup for hosting for davidb.org. Most of the steps that I follow come from Digital Ocean’s article How To Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 16.04. The only step not necessary from these instructions was Step 3 on Updating the Firewall. The AWS Ubuntu images do not have an active firewall, as their networking configuration has a fairly aggressive firewall already in place.

LVM Thinly Provisioned Volumes

Today, I migrated my primary Ubuntu 17.04 development machine to put the root volume onto a thinly provisioned volume. There was a bit of a comedy of errors, so I want to outline what I should have done, vs what actually happened. What I should have done As in anything like this, it is important to start with known good backups. In my [backup post]({% post_url 2017-09-10-backups %}), I describe how I’m doing that, and even testing it.